By hiring a mystery shopping firm such as Customer Perspectives, you can get a handle on four key aspects of customer service and your employees:

1) A mystery shopper can give a “customer’s eye view” of your products, your store and the way employees handle customers.

2) A mystery shopper can give you a glimpse into whether or not your employee training programs are working. By hiring a mystery shopping firm, you can see how employees treat customers and whether or not they’re following through on their training.

3) A mystery shopper can help you identify areas where your employees’ skills may need to be strengthened. Do they handle things as well on the phone as in person, for example? Do they understand all of your products and can they anticipate the unusual questions from a customer?

4) A mystery shopper can determine if employees are promoting specials or new products or services.

Using a mystery shopper—someone your staff does not know acting as a customer—you’ll gain new insights that will help you develop employee training and incentive programs in the future.  Customer Perspectives can help you build a program that will help you do just that, and to enable you to evaluate its results.