Secret Shopping

Secret Shopping Information

Secret Shopping Information

Customer Perspectives™ has been providing mystery shopping services since 1983. We focus on providing high-quality mystery shop reports and therefore select mystery shoppers with excellent observation and reporting skills.

Mystery shoppers who work with Customer Perspectives™ perform secret shopping for a variety of service-oriented businesses. Secret shopping assignments can range from retail mystery shopping at stores and restaurants to “shopping” in banks and credit unions. The information gathered during mystery shops can help the business improve customer service and strengthen its customer loyalty.

Before you begin mystery shopping, the answers to these frequently asked questions will help you better understand what secret shopping entails.

What Key Skills Are Needed To Be An Effective Secret Shopper?


Careful reading skills to ensure the client’s specifications will be met during the shop


Attention to detail and accurate reporting of information


Strong writing skills, including writing objectively and concisely


Ability to meet deadlines consistently and reliably


Prompt return of phone calls or emails

Is Mystery Shopping Full-Time?

Mystery (or secret) shopping typically is not full-time and the number of projects available can depend on how many clients or locations are within your geographic area. Some of our clients also require that we rotate shoppers. Some client projects require monthly shops while others only once a quarter or once a year.

Will I Need To Travel Far To Perform A Mystery Shop?

We try to offer mystery shopping opportunities close to where our mystery shoppers live and/or work.

Can I Shop For Other Companies Offering Mystery Shopping Services?

Yes! We encourage you to do this and, as an independent contractor, you can always seek other opportunities. As with most skilled activities, the more you do, the better you become. Visit the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA) to learn about shopping opportunities from its member companies.

How do I get paid?

Customer Perspectives pays shoppers per shop upon the satisfactory completion of shopping reports. The rate per shop varies by client and is agreed upon in advance. Some of our clients also reimburse for purchases. Payment to mystery shoppers is made via PayPal 5-6 weeks after your shop has been approved.

Are All Mystery Shopping Companies The Same?

No. Customer Perspectives is among the most respected and reputable mystery shopping companies.

You can find reputable mystery shopping company names, phone numbers and websites at no cost on the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association website” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>MSPA site.

  • Check out these tips for mystery shoppers.
  • Watch our brief video below to show you how to get started. (it’s the explainer video- you had it before)

Customer Perspectives also offers available shops at iSECRETSHOP. For detailed instructions, you can WATCH THIS VIDEO.

How Do I Get Started As A Mystery Shopper?

To apply to be a mystery shopper for Customer Perspectives, please complete our Customer Perspectives Mystery Shopper registration form. 

If you have any further questions about becoming a shopper or you are already a Customer Perspectives’ shopper and need to contact us after hours, please complete and submit the form below.

Ready to shop for Customer Perspectives?

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