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Shopper Testimonials

Shopper Testimonials

What Our Mystery Shoppers Say about Our Mystery Shopping Service

Customer Perspectives™ is recognized ― by both clients and mystery shoppers ― as one of the top mystery shopping companies. The quality of our mystery shopping service depends on the quality of our mystery shoppers, whom we select very carefully. They share our commitment to excellence in providing outstanding mystery shopping services. Hear what our mystery shoppers have to say about working with Customer Perspectives…
“Coast to Coast would like to take a moment to spotlight a client we are very proud and happy to have worked alongside off and on for over 15 years! Customer Perspectives has been providing mystery shopping services since 1983. They understand this business and treat the shoppers they contract with respect and gratitude. They have great assignments ranging from retail mystery shopping at stores and restaurants to ‘shopping’ in banks and credit unions. We encourage you to register to be a shopper with Customer Perspectives today!”

“I do work for quite a few companies, a dozen or so, perhaps more. Yours is easily the best. Your website is easy to use, and it is a simple matter for me to schedule shops. Your forms ask for a reasonable amount of information, and you refrain from picayune nit-picking in your review and editing. I rather enjoy working for your company.”

“I work regularly for only a very small number of mystery shop companies and most often for Customer Perspectives, in part because I feel you all offer more personal contact with your independent contractors, so it’s doubly pleasing to be recognized by you.”

“Working with you and CP has been delightful… (Customer Perspectives) is the only company that I want to continue with. Working with you has been a treat.”

“Thank you for all your help and I love working with you and your company.”

“I think very highly of Customer Perspectives. I enjoy doing shops for your company. You are all great to deal with.”

“What a pleasant surprise to receive the note (and check!) telling me I’ve won the ‘Good Shopper Award.’ I really appreciate the recognition. Your company is so great to work for. Like many mystery shoppers, I work for many of the companies that hire shoppers, but you are one of my favorites! You have a large number of well-paying shops and everyone I’ve spoken with has been pleasant and helpful. Your forms and instructions are easy to follow and you pay on time. Awesome!”

“Just to let you know I really enjoy mystery shopping for your company. I shop for several companies and yours seems to be one of the better ones… Thanks a lot.”

“I received a nice surprise in the mail over the weekend. Thank you all for giving me the “good shopper award” and my bonus check. My full-time position at UMass Medical School keeps me significantly busy now, but I still like to perform a few mystery shops each month to keep my status active. Your company is one of only a handful that I consider when looking for shops. Thank you for being such a class act and for treating mystery shoppers with respect and consideration.”

“I have to thank you both and anyone else I’ve come into contact with at Customer Perspectives for always being so nice and organized and most of all pleasant!”

“It was such a nice surprise to receive the note and check for being a good shopper!! As you know, I’ve taken some time off from shopping to tend to some rather difficult family situations that need tending to. It was especially encouraging to receive this note of encouragement (and the extra money is always a nice treat). I thoroughly enjoy working with Customer Perspectives. Your staff is great to work with, your jobs are the best, and your forms are my favorites. Thank you so very much.”

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