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Customer Perspectives, a division of Jancyn

What makes Customer Perspectives unique in our ability to serve you? Prior to becoming a division of Jancyn in 2017, Customer Perspectives was one of the country’s first mystery shopping companies, founded in 1983.

The merger brought about two leaders within their industry, Jancyn founded in 1980. The years of executive team top management (too many to count) covers mystery shopping research expertise with customer facing businesses where service is a key differentiator. They include retail, restaurant, healthcare, property management and banking/financial services among others.

Our understanding of your customer satisfaction feedback requirements are honed by years of program development, cutting edge technical techniques and software tools, and real insight into your business goals.

We are professionals in account management, marketing, scheduling and quality assurance. This means we understand how to meet each client’s unique needs and provide one-on-one attention to each client report. We work with you to embrace business awareness, discovery, association and interaction at every transaction and touch point.  We help you close the ‘blind spots’ between the customer experience brand promise and what the customer actually experiences.

Customer Perspectives is a member of the MSPA, the mystery shopping industry’s trade association.

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