For One Of The BestBecome A Mystery Shopper

Become A Mystery Shopper

Customer Perspectives™ has been providing mystery shopping services since 1983. We focus on providing high-quality mystery shop reports and select mystery shoppers with excellent observation and reporting skills.

Required Skills For Mystery Shoppers

Customer Perspectives expects its mystery shoppers to:

Have good writing skills and provide detailed descriptions of each mystery shop assignment


Have access to the Internet to receive assignments and submit completed reports


Be reliable and trustworthy


Be objective


Have strong observation skills


Follow our clients’ detailed specifications

Nationwide Mystery Shopping Services


We provide mystery shopping services across the U.S. and Canada and need shoppers who live or work close to our clients’ locations. Many of our mystery shoppers are certified by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA). With each shopping assignment, we strive to match the skills of our shoppers with the needs of our client. The number of assigned shops per month varies, depending on the client’s needs.

Here is a brief video to show you how to get started:

Mystery Shoppers Work Independently

If you are selected for a mystery shopping assignment from Customer Perspectives, you are an independent contractor and are responsible for declaring and paying your own taxes. We do not cover you for workers’ compensation or unemployment and do not pay any of your Social Security taxes. However, as an independent contractor, you are also free to work for other mystery shopping companies at the same time you are doing shops for Customer Perspectives.

Avoid Secret Shopper Scams

Customer Perspectives is among the most respected and reputable mystery (secret) shopping companies. But there are unscrupulous imitators trying to defraud unsuspecting shoppers. If you think you’d like to become a mystery shopper, here are a few tips to avoid scams:

Never apply for a job where the company asks for money up front so you can start working. NEVER pay a fee to anyone to sign up, purchase a book or list of names and NEVER pay a “membership fee.”


NEVER accept an assignment that requires you to deposit a check or money order before doing your “shop” and NEVER accept a mystery shopping assignment that requires you to do a wire transfer.


Mystery shopping companies that promise high paying assignments, “lots of assignments” in your area or other “too good to be true” offers to entice you to register should be investigated further before registering.


Legitimate mystery shopping companies NEVER send checks or wire funds to anyone until AFTER the assignment has been successfully completed and accepted.


NEVER send personal information — especially social security numbers — to a site you do not trust via email. NEVER go to a website through a link sent to you in an email. Go to the website independently of any link sent to you. Scammers often copy websites so they look real.


To find legitimate mystery shopping companies, look for the Mystery Shopping Providers Association logo shown below on each company’s website. If you do not find the MSPA logo, move on. And even if you do, verify, verify, verify! Scammers can easily steal the MSPA logo to make themselves look legitimate.The best way to be sure you have reached a legitimate Mystery Shopping Providers Association member company is at the MSPA website. You can find mystery shopping company names, phone numbers and websites at no cost there.


More tips for avoiding mystery shopping scams can be found here.

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“Customer Perspective’s ability to help us evaluate events at our clients in invaluable. Their ability to modify the evaluation form we use to measure event performance, and quickly get that back into production, helps us better understand, and make improvements to our sales process and event set up.”

Bank of America

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