The process of using a mystery shopper to evaluate your business usually focuses on the customer service you and your employees are offering.  But just what constitutes good customer service and a good customer relationship? This article highlights eight top areas to evaluate in your business:

1)      Answering the phone: Whenever possible, make sure a human being is answering customer calls.

2)      Keep promises. Always.

3)      Listen to your customers. Let your customer tell you what he wants. Listen.

4)      Deal with complaints.

5)      Be helpful.

6)      Train your staff to be helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. Always.

7)      Take the extra step. For example, don’t point to Aisle 3. Lead the customer to Aisle 3.

8)      Throw in something extra. Whatever you can offer—a coupon, a discount, a smile—if it surprises the customer, you’ll probably win her back.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing customer service well, you might consider using a mystery shopping service like the ones we offer here at Customer Perspectives.