Image for Under Promise Over Deliver PostUnited Airlines recently announced that purchasers of low-cost flights would be restricted to one carry-on that fits under a seat. The low-price buyers also would not be able to choose seats until the day of their departure, which means people flying together might not get to sit together. Similarly, Delta’s least expensive fares will now prohibit itinerary changes and seat selection. Apparently, these airlines are counting on the “upsell” they’ll get from customers once they realize the limitations on those cheap fares.

It’s easy to get upset about such “fly and switch” tactics. But does your company do the same thing? Do you try to get customers in the door with special offers that turn out to be not so special after all? If the payoff doesn’t live up to the promise, or was clearly just a gambit to lure customers, you risk squandering good will, perhaps the most precious commodity a company can have.

Take a good look at your marketing efforts and make sure your performance lives up to the promise–and you maybe even over-deliver on whatever it is you did promise. You’ll reap the rewards in customer loyalty.