Any interaction between an organization or business and the people who use their product or services can be thought of as a “customer experience” and, according to one expert in this article, shouldn’t be overlooked.

In short, a business needs to know what it KNOWS already (the demographics of its customers), what it DOES to reach those customers, what it SUGGESTS to customers once they get in the door and what do they CREATE for the customer to experience. Building a customer service evaluation program around these four areas could mean a worthwhile result in terms of customer satisfaction.

Second, seeing the organization from the point of view of the customer is necessary.  A customer needs to determine

  1. what he/she wants to explore about you
  2. whether or not to buy from you and
  3. whether or not to recommend you to friends.

If you were trying to evaluate your company’s customer experiences, a mystery shopping program such as provided by Customer Perspectives could be a good first step.