Did you know that for every customer complaint you might receive, there may be 26 other customers who were equally dissatisfied, but failed to say anything? That’s cause for worry and it’s one of 15 top pieces of customer service data any business should be paying attention to, from this article by Beyond Philosophy. Put another way, 96 percent of customers who have had a negative experience don’t complain, while 91 percent of them actually just leave and never return as your customer.

Another interesting fact: It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience a customer might have. Someone who has had a bad experience with your business is four times more likely to leave as your customer if the experience is related to customer service, as compared to product price or product quality.

Take a look at this complete list of the Top 15 customer stats, then consider ways a customer service evaluation program such as Customer Perspectives might help your company stay on top of things and not make expensive mistakes that cost you valuable customers.