Here’s one mystery shopper’s take on the kind of reactions she gets when she tells people she’s a mystery shopper, and her life checking up on apartment leasing companies.  The author discusses how she fits mystery shopping into her daily schedule.  It’s easier for her without 9 to 5 employment, and she suggests it would be kind of tricky for a person with a full-time job.

A mystery shopping firm such as Customer Perspectives would provide a description of the shopping project to each shopper and the shopper should choose the ones that work best with their schedule.  She suggests some people with jobs can fit a customer evaluation outing in during their lunch hour if it is nearby.  Others can fit them in on the weekends, and there certainly are shopping opportunities on those days. Still others do some of the work in the evenings.  This shopper suggests that mystery shopping is a way to put a little extra cash in your pocket, and just requires careful planning to fit it into your lifestyle and work schedule.