Business partnerships can lead to some sticky situations like the one described in this article, where we learn that, even though a partner company may have made a mistake, your company should take responsibility for it.

In this example, a customer booked a getaway experience through a third-party provider. The hotel itself would not honor the reservation, because the vendor had accidentally cancelled it.  Not good.  After many phone calls and what one presumes were tense moments, the hotel relented, but not without alienating the customer and putting future business at risk.

As with so many of these situations, what was missing was a consideration of the customer’s point of view. From start to finish, the customer experience needs to be examined in order for your business or service to stand out from the rest.  Such customer-centric thinking may require a whole new way for that company to conduct business, even to the point of expanding the kinds of services and products offered. It may mean adjusting some very small detail in your process.  The kind of services offered by a customer service evaluation agency such as Customer Perspectives may be a first step in helping your company become more customer-centric and, ultimately, gain more business.