In this article, one writer tries to debunk some common marketing myths, among them that going above and beyond the call in customer service will always translate into increase sales.  While those tactics may work, some even simpler ones are shown to work as well–namely being a friendly voice on the phone or other ways to make an emotional connection with a customer.

Look for ways to make your customer service cost-effective for you as well. Phone queries should be answered quickly, for example, but customers relate even better to getting their questions answered more completely and in one attempt. You may not be able to please a customer every time, but if you can give clear explanations behind your answers, the customer will come away with a better feeling about you. You should always monitor customer complaints systematically and be aware that a reduction in complaints may not signal better service, but that customers have simply given up. The best way to improve your customer service may not be to improve employee performance, but your processes. Examine those as well as your employee performance. You need to make sure you have invested in an analysis of the problems your customers may have and then set to work to right them. Customer evaluators or mystery shoppers can be one way to begin to examine your customer service to determine the “points of pain” a customer may encounter with your business.