Customer PerspectivesThe secret shopping services of Customer Perspectives™ allow you to view your company’s service levels through your customers’ eyes. The valuable consumer research gathered through mystery shopping helps you evaluate your customer service and learn ways to improve it.

Our professional shoppers visit your locations to measure service and sales ability. Our mystery shopping services include a mystery shopping report with detailed comments that is delivered to you online for fast turnaround and easy reading.
The benefits of mystery shopping are evident when you see the consumer research collected from our mystery shopping services. You will learn how to retain current customers, attract new customers, enhance your employees’ product knowledge and sales ability and recognize valuable employees.

Why choose us?

Customer Perspectives™ mystery shopping services have delivered valuable consumer research to thousands of satisfied clients nationwide since 1983. From detailed consumer research reports to our money-back guarantee, our mystery shopping services give businesses a valuable and unique opportunity to see their services as their customers do.

Be a Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper involves much more than a love of shopping. You actually become an important part of a business’s consumer research. Employers take the objective observations of mystery shoppers very seriously.

If you are interested in learning more about our mystery shopping services and becoming a mystery shopper, we want to hear from you. Click here for more information and see the important role you can play in the world of consumer research. You can even sign up online!

We welcome you to partner with us in our efforts to help clients improve their customers’ perspectives through mystery shopping.

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