All the innovations of new decor in your store and flashy new advertising that brings customers in your door can be wrecked in the blink of an eye if the customer’s experience falters.  This small business marketing expert reports on her recent experience inside a fast-food chain that had done wonders and spent much recently to remake its image. Their efforts are what got her in the door. Yet, she left with a bad taste in her mouth.

Employees at the service counter were apathetic with their customer, while also talking amongst themselves about non-work related matters.  They were borderline rude, she reports, and suddenly she was in a bad mood.
Running the business and managing the marketing go hand-in-hand, like a relay race, this expert suggests.  Screw up the marketing and you might be fine, but screw up the operations and your business won’t rise above it.  Good customer service can build your brand, as satisfied customers tell others about their experiences.

Customer Perspectives can help your business build a program that evaluates the customer service experiences at your place of business and make sure they’re in alignment with your operational goals and marketing efforts.