Customer Perspectives celebrated its 30th Anniversary on July 1st – truly one of the country’s first (and best) mystery shopping firms. A recent review of Customer Perspectives by Mystery Shopper Magazine stated that there were no complaints about Customer Perspectives posted on Mystery Shop Forum which reports that:

“shoppers were very favorable in their opinions about this MSC. Many said that this company is a favorite and one of the best, that it is reputable, and that it is a good company to work with.

All reported timely and accurate payments. Schedulers were described as flexible, responsive, professional, and accommodating. Reports are not tedious. Feedback from editors is constructive.

Shoppers said that they like the variety of assignments this MSC, but more than a few forum members said that they wished there were more assignments available.

Time and again, shoppers shared that they have had no issues with Customer Perspectives.”
The author also stated that the assignments he had completed for Customer Perspectives were easy to do with decent pay which was made promptly.