Here are some ways to drive customers away:

1) If there’s any way to make purchasing or shopping for your product or service more complicated, you should do it to drive customers away.

2) You know that customers are living on their SmartPhones these days, right? Whatever you do, don’t make it easy for them to shop your store while using their mobile phones.

3) Assuming your customers will come back to you time and again simply because they like you will surely lose you customers down the line.  So, do nothing different today than you will do tomorrow.

4) Make sure your employees are unhappy so that their attitude trickles down to the customers. Meanwhile, hire people for their skills, not their people-skills.

5) Be sure that no one can answer a customer’s questions and pass them around from department to department.

This ideas were taken from an article from the website

If driving customers away isn’t exactly your business goal, perhaps you’d prefer to make sure your customer service is top notch. Using the services provided by Customer Perspectives is one way you can evaluate the service you are providing and look for ways to improve it.