ATT, the telephone service, has a rule that a customer coming in the door must be greeted within 10 seconds and within 10 feet of the entrance. It’s something ATT has committed itself to—the proper way to greet a customer—because the research shows that the relationship between a sales associate and the customer is more important than anything else that store might do to win the customer over and make the sale.

Also on tap at ATT retail stores is an effort to make sure a sales associate greets the customer by name and extends a hand when they first meet. They do this by taking the customer’s name when they first enter the store,THEN enter it into a database showing who was there first in a busy store. Then the sales associate can see the information as well.

It all gets down to continuously training about this greeting aspect of customer service.  Conducting a customer service evaluation like that offered by Customer Perspectives may be one way to determine if your employees are following through on rules you may have for greeting your customers.