1. Share mystery shopper results with all appropriate departments. For example, if you are in marketing but the results could influence decisions in training…or Branch Administration…or Operations…or HR, share. That way the study will have more impact and more bang for the buck.

2. Share the details with those shopped. Those who performed well should receive positive feedback, even if it’s only an “atta boy/girl”. Those who did poorly should be corrected, in a positive manner of course. And those in between should receive both!

3. Compare the data results to prior periods to ascertain areas of improvement, or lack there of. For example, if name usage has improved, why and how? And what does your organization need to do to increase name usage even more?

4. Plan training and coaching strategies to address the weaknesses identified during the shops.

5. Measure the customer experience continuously and in as many was as your time and budget allow.