Image for Customer Service CheckupThis lengthy list of customer service tips includes some of the basics and some that go beyond the usual. The writer spends a lot of time focusing on impressions–making sure your business gives the best possible first impression—not only through your website but also at your physical location. It must also give a good last impression–leaving the customer with a positive feeling.

In between, he addresses the need to set up systems that allow your customers to “do it themselves”–whatever that may mean. Can they order it online easily? Can they scan for a price check themselves? Can they find the user’s manual online? You need to provide these, yet also have back-up systems for those who don’t want to do it themselves.

Make sure your customer’s time is not wasted and that they don’t have to contact you to ask a question that should be obvious. Check on your Frequently Asked Questions section and make sure it is up to date. Have a plan for when something goes wrong, because something always will. Finally, the author wraps it up by saying you can’t allow yourself to get in a rut. Always take a look at what you are doing with fresh eyes and from the customer’s point of view.