Customers do not want to hear about your problems when you fail to meet their expectations. They don’t care that it was your…suppliers’, employees’, weather’s fault. They want you to do what you said and, when you can’t, set it right. No matter what went wrong, if you own the business, you are responsible and, so, offering excuses is not the answer. This article gives a good overview of how to view customer satisfaction. If you take responsibility, you are building a customer’s confidence in you.  In this ongoing recession, good customer service is key. Sluggish sales are the leading challenge facing small businesses.  To improve them, make your customer service stand out. When something goes wrong, take full responsibility. It builds confidence in you and your business. You must make each customer feel as though his business is the business that’s most important to you.

If you have concerns about your customer service, it may be time to employ a customer research firm like Customer Perspectives. By engaging in some customer service management opportunities, you can set you and your employees on the right path.