Image for Customer service training post-girl-102829_960_720On the website, an author asserts that your customers are in charge of your business, whether you like it or not. They’re already talking about you. They’re telling their friends and family–one way or another–what their experiences have been like with you.  And all that means is that you need to hire only people who love dealing with people! Everything else can be learned on the job, the author asserts.  Skills are teachable; attitude probably isn’t.

A customer won’t necessarily share a bad experience he may have had with your business.  It all depends on the attitude of the people he encountered along the way.  If he was faced with indifference to whatever the problem was, regardless of whether or not it was eventually resolved in his favor, he’s going to tell somebody.

The customer’s ability to spread his message far and wide, if he so chooses, is what must keep you on your toes.  Your business must be “listening” for negative feedback on all channels and it must, as noted above, hire only the best in customer service skills. If you achieve customer service excellence, everything else will fall into place.