You may already realize this, but the best customer service training of your employees comes from the top, right? Customer service shouldn’t be relegated to one department or one desk in your store. It should spread across the store, the brand and the company. So, if you’ve hired employees who are enthusiastic about the brand, and you yourself as the leader of the company treat employees with respect, kindness and patience, those qualities are bound to filter down through the employees and out to the customers. Easy, right? A CEO should occasionally sit in on customer service calls, perhaps answering them herself. A CEO should read the customer complaints or questions coming in through email. A CEO should be involved in monitoring what’s being said about the company online through social media sites, etc.  If the CEO is that interested in what’s best for the customers, the employees will be, too.

Once you’ve done your best as a CEO—hiring passionate employees and empowering them to serve their customers—a customer evaluation experience such as Customer Perspectives – could make sure your training systems are working well and that the culture you’ve created is maintained over time.