Image for Customer Loyalty TipsOne expert says it’s not enough to provide excellent customer service to build customer loyalty. You also have to go the extra step to evoke a positive emotional response in your customer as he or she thinks about your company. It’s the emotional response that will keep customers coming back. So, what can you do to develop this kind of emotional response?

  1. Make sure you tell your customers—or it’s obvious to them—what you are doing for them. If an order is taking longer than the norm to fulfill, tell your customer what’s going on and how you are working to expedite the process.  In short, be in contact with the customer before the customer needs to be in contact with you.
  2. Build your credibility. This just means that you must do whatever it is you promised to do. Secondly, take the time to get the best possible solution to any problem your customers might have.
  3. The customer service you provide should be something that a customer could not experience elsewhere. Think unique.
  4. Ask your customers what they want. Often. Then, do it again. You can only provide good service if you know what it is your customers need and want.
  5. Keep in contact by communicating with your customers even when it doesn’t relate to a sale. Send a holiday message or a birthday greeting, for example.
  6. Create a customer reward program that offers something to return buyers.
  7. When there’s trouble, hold onto your values such as transparency and trustworthiness. Do everything above even when times are tough.
  8. Exceed your customers’ expectations. Surprise them in some way. Often.