Image for Customer Loyalty Post - copyright free stockEarning a customer’s loyalty has always been important, but you may not realize that in today’s marketplace, it should become your number one priority. With the social media technologies available to everyone, instantly, a great customer experience can spread like wildfire and, conversely, a bad one will do the same thing.

4 Things to Remember for Customer Loyalty

This article from, 4 New Customer Loyalty Rules to Drive Business Success offers four key points every business owner needs to keep top-of-mind:

  1. Retaining customers is your top priority. It will ignite revenue growth and far outweighs the revenue you’ll spend bringing in new customers. Current customers spend 67 percent more than new ones.
  2. Plan to sell more to existing customers. Doing this drives profits, of course, as long as you are doing it while also providing the customer with an experience he or she will tell others about.
  3. Your marketing should drive new customers. You have many more channels open to you now in which to recruit new customers. Weigh them carefully against the return you’ll see.
  4. Word-of-mouth is key.  Social media is the dominant method for bringing in new customers for many businesses these days. Once you bring them in, you better ensure they are getting top quality customer service so that they can influence their social networks. In other words, a satisfied new customer is going to bring in other new customers via social media.

Customer Loyalty Has Its Rewards

When you’ve achieved true customer’s loyalty through stellar customer experiences and satisfaction, your efforts will be rewarded through the online contacts those customers have.  Never forget that.