Image for Improving Customer Loyalty PostOnly 28 percent of consumers are loyal to a brand or businesses, but we all know return customers are the key to a healthy bottom line.

Take a look at these five reasons your customers may be abandoning you:

  1. You treat new and existing customers too differently: If you’re giving hefty discounts to lure new customers, better offer your existing customers something along the same lines.

  2. You haven’t WOWed your loyal customers for a long time: Offer something special—a birthday freebie; exclusive access to new products—and make sure you’re thanking customers for their feedback and implementing what they suggest.

  3. You forget who is your business backbone: Which customers buy which product? In other words, focus on the core of your business by paying attention to where you get the most traction; then do more of that.

  4. You make problem resolution painful: Teach and empower your employees to solve customer problems efficiently and beyond the norm. 

  5. Your customers are getting the same quality for a lower price: Customers will jump ship in a minute if they’ve had a bad experience with your business; when they do, they flock to something of the same quality for a lower price. A customer loyalty program, and attention to high quality service, will keep this from happening.