Image for Increasing Customer Loyalty PostIncreasing customer loyalty requires understanding today’s customer.

It’s no secret that today’s customers want fast, efficient service. In a recent survey, when customers were asked what they wanted most in customer service, the vast majority (80 percent) said they just wanted “to get things done.”  In other words, they wanted their problem solved or their question answered without a lot of extra frills.

One of the easiest ways to improve on that aspect of your customer service may be to create more ways for the customer to solve problems on their own through the right information on a company website, for example, or being made available to customer service personnel who answer the phones.

In the end, the goal should be to engage and then to retain the customers.  In the same survey, it was shown that younger customers surveyed were less likely to remain loyal to a company than those ages 35 and older.  What are you doing to increase the customer loyalty of and retain the younger cohorts you are serving?