fitness-332278__180CEM—yet another business acronym! All you need to know is it stands for Customer Experience Management and, well, it’s what everyone in your business should be aware of -at the very least.

 If you’re dedicated to managing the customer experience with your company, you need to be aware of it at every point of interaction a potential customer may have with you.  This article from the Customer Guru explains that managing it means doing so at every point of contact—in your print ads; when a customer searches for you online; when someone contacts your retail store; when someone asks a friend for a recommendation or an opinion; and finally when your product is purchased and used.

Only by gauging and understanding the customer’s expectation can a company deliver an experience that meets or exceeds that expectation.

So, how can you manage things? Try the three M’s…

  1. Measure: Determine a method to figure out your current level of customer satisfaction; then decide on a goal. Then, consistently measure what you’re doing.

  2. Monitor: You’ll need to keep close tabs on the fluctuations in the measurements you set up in step 1.  When there’s a blip—up or down—figure out why.

  3. Manage: To manage what you’re doing, you’ll need to connect with your customers and gain their feedback.  With the feedback, strive for your next level of improvement.