Image for Creating a Consistently Positive Customer ExperienceEvery store or every branch of your business needs to convey the same positive customer experience as every other store. A consistent customer service experience is going to help you grow and a formal program of mystery shopping can help you achieve that consistency, according to this article.

Whenever someone walks into your business, they are judging you. They’re looking at whether your employees are helpful and polite, if they are knowledgeable and if they are taking care of customer needs. They judge the physical surroundings on their cleanliness and orderliness.

To address customer service and consistency across all venues, a mystery shopping program can be a significant help, as this article shows in regards to a tire dealership. The information learned through a mystery shopping program can lead toward differentiating one shop from the competition’s. Since the buying of tires is not really a favorite activity among shoppers, a dealership would be wise to look for ways to improve the experience beyond quality service and quality products. They should strive to improve the “softer” side of things, leaving the customer with a positive feeling about the process.

A business like the tire dealership may also use mystery shopping services to scope out the competition. A mystery shopper can call several dealerships with the same type of customer service questions and compare and contrast the results TO how your own dealership does with telephone inquiries.

Secret shopping gives the customers’ perspective on the dealers and a window into understanding whether training programs and protocols are effective.