Have you thought about all the ways you could be using your customers to, well, help your customers? A recent article on Entrepreneur.com detailed ways you can take advantage of today’s marketing techniques and technologies to get your customers involved.

Offer rewards: Give a coupon or discount in exchange for customer feedback about your product or service. Social media sites can make these very easy to do. The feedback can also help you examine your business and marketing processes and maybe even help generate MORE content for you to load onto your business social media sites.

Ask for creative input. Your customers could be your best source of inspiration. If you ask them to contribute a photo or idea, you’ll most likely be able to use that information down the line in designing a product or thinking about a new line of service. Photos could be used in your marketing materials.  Take advantage of the human desire to share one’s own ideas or knowledge. It just might help build a better business.

Read more about how to get your customers into the act here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227351