This 2012 report from American Express and the research company Echo provides a great deal of insight into the mindset of customers. That research showed an increase in the number of consumers who were convinced that companies are paying less attention to customer service.  In that same report, only 7 percent of those surveyed said companies exceeded their expectations in customer service, and a third said that expectations were not met at all.

As has been true for the previous three years, around two-thirds of customers report they are willing to spend more with companies that provide good customer service. The survey revealed that 56 of consumers tell others about any bad customer service experiences they’ve had. As to customer service experiences over the phone, the survey showed that customers are willing to wait an average of 13 minutes, while in person the average is 12 minutes.

The data in this extensive report could be a used as a starting point for examining your own company’s customer service and whether you are meeting expectations.  You might enlist the services provided by Customer Perspectives to make sure you’re meeting your own goals.