Shopper Tips

1. Sign up with at LEAST 100 MCSs.
2. Be completely, totally reliable. You will quickly gain a good reputation and better jobs.
3. Do excellent work on each report. Spell and grammar check each and every report. Make friends with your Inner Perfectionist
4. Organize your financials. Use spreadsheets, AR/AP accounting to check for payments and expenses. Don’t lose track of your
incoming checks!
5. Keep a sincere and honest record of your “billable” time. Don’t include Facebook, Pinterest, etc. time.
6. Keep a MSWord file of each 100+ word narrative you write. Don’t copy and paste, but don’t re-invent the wheel from scratch
either. Keep files of writing samples and “Why I like to MS” essay for your applications.
7. Remember that this is hard work. You have to be disciplined, motivated and organized. If it were easy, everyone would do it!
8. Don’t take shops you hate. “Hate-shopping” will make you grouchy and ineffective and lead to burnout.
9. Think about trying video shops. Borrow a rig first, then think about investing the $420 to buy a video rig. The pay is
better for video shops.
10. Invest in yourself! Buy a better laptop, a wireless hotspot, smart phone, OR training seminar every few months.