Service Creates Loyal Customers

In the current economic environment, it is more important than ever to keep customers happy and coming back. An article in News and Food Report recommends these seven ways to keep your customers happy.

1. Solicit complaints. For every person who complains, 26 who feel they have been mistreated do not. Make it convenient for customers to complain and treat them with respect when they do. You can win back most of them by resolving their complaints and, in some cases, make them more loyal.

2. Indoctrinate all service employees, not just managers. Supervisors need training but so do the lower-level employees who provide customer service face to face.

3. Hire people who don’t feel that service is servile and whose values and personalities make them want to provide friendly, helpful service.

4. Commit the company to customer service by word and deed. Regularly remind employees of the value of good customer relations — and reward them when they carry through. Evaluate managers on their ability to achieve customer service objectives that are part of their overall job objectives.

5. Educate employees to provide customer service. Employees aren’t born with the required skills and attitudes. If left alone, chances are they will be oblivious, overbearing and unwilling to give good service.

6. Use simple, inexpensive, entertaining training media. Video is an effective communication tool for the TV generation. Written materials must be simple, clear and concise.

7. Treat employees like worthwhile, sensitive, deserving human beings — just as you expect them to treat your customers. People will behave as they are treated.

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