This Mystery Shopping Program Rewards Employees For Using Their Customer Service Skills

Employees Who Score 90 Percent Or Better Receive Cash Prizes

After a new business acquisition, Danvers Savings Bank ($850 million, Danvers, Massachusetts) decided to streamline its sales and service operations and turned to a mystery shopping program to do the job.

“We’ve had this program for two years now,” says Eileen Lubas, VP.

Personal shops tell the story

The bank uses an outside vendor to conduct the shops, which cover basic customer service and sales procedures.

For example, shoppers record whether the employee called them by name, shook his or her hand and reviewed appropriate products. Also considered is if a deal was closed or referred to someone else. All shops are random.

“If an employee scores 90 percent on the shop they are given a $25 gift certificate,” explains Lubas. “If they score 100 percent they are given a $50 gift certificate.”

Low employee performance during a shop is also addressed. “Of course, if the employee scores less than 70 on two to three shops there is disciplinary action.

“We’ve only had one instance, but the employee pulled up her performance before action occurred.”

Gift certificates are awarded regularly and the program appears to be effective.

“In the beginning, employees weren’t as comfortable with the idea, but over time the anxiety faded away and employees are fine with it.”

Telephone shops are also used

So that retail employees don’t feel as if they were the sole targets, telephone shops are also incorporated. This includes shops for the savings bank’s loan services and its online banking service, she says.

The program’s roll out consisted of an initial baseline shop of employees.

The results were then revealed to managers during one of the branch management meetings. Then, the managers held branch meeting with staff to explain the program.

“Overall we’re very happy with this program. It’s been very productive and eye opening.” She notes that now shopping scores are even taken into account during an employee’s review.

Four Criteria For Mystery Shops Successful Mystery Shopping Programs

Here are four of the sales and service skills commonly evaluated during a mystery shop:

Does the employee smile when greeting the customer?

Does the employee use the customer’s name?

Does the employee refer sales leads to the appropriate employee?

At the close of the transaction, does the employee thank the customer?

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