Key ingredients for a customer loyalty program

Consistent communication with your customers. That’s what it takes to develop their loyalty toward your business, according to this article.  How do you do that? Consider these five suggestions:

1)      Deliver your message across all media channels. That means whatever you say in print, online, in email newsletters and in social media is the same message, delivered in a way the customer can understand.

2)      Customer retention: Ask what else your customer needs and whether they know of others who need your services.

3)      Customer surveys: Satisfication surveys can show you why your company was chosen and that can give you a clue as to how to gain and retain more customers. For this, you may want to use a third-party vendor to deliver your survey.

4)      Email marketing: Use your customer data base to generate leads, upsell and provide helpful information that will cement your bond to the customer.

5)      Thank you notes: If you can send handwritten, personalized thank you notes to a customer, do so.

In addition to these kinds of customer service efforts, you may consider conducting customer evaluations using mystery shoppers, for a realistic view of whether your efforts are working. Customer Perspectives can provide that kind of evaluation.