Customer Service Lessons of Super Storm Sandy

I was very impressed with the proactivity of some customer service departments prior to Super Storm Sandy. On Sunday, I received a voicemail message at my home from the Public service Company of New Hampshire – PSNH – advising me of the impending storm and steps I should take in case of a power outage, including the number to call to report same. On Monday, I received an e-mail message from our e-mail host company and computer support provider, Paradigm Computer, advising us to power down all computers and electronic devices prior to the storm. This message was fairly routine but I was blown away when I received a phone call three hours later from Paradigm asking if I had received the e-mail and if they could further assist me. This is indeed extraordinary customer service! I also, of course, received advice from various other providers by e-mail but the calls from Paradigm and PSNH were especially impressive. Are there similar things you could do proactively to wow your customers?