Convenience stores can reap rewards with customer evaluation services

Quality service and consistent delivery at convenience stores are key factors in gaining customer loyalty and increased sales, according to experts quoted in this article from Convenience Store News.  Since convenience stores often sell gas, and gas prices fluctuate wildly, this type of store can be particularly vulnerable to the customer’s “mood”, negatively affecting the bottom line in sales. Key to mitigating that is standing out from the crowd by providing superior customer service. But, you can’t know how well you’re doing unless you’ve measured that service.  An evaluation service like Customer Perspectives can help you score your employees’ efforts and make any of the necessary adjustments in training and coaching programs.

One convenience store chain which conducted mystery shop audits three times a year noticed that those with the highest scores were also the ones with the highest sales in gasoline, regardless of what fuel prices were doing at that moment.

When other factors are equal, customers will choose the store with employees who seem willing to help and are knowledgeable and courteous.. The price of coffee and snacks at any particular store did not seem to matter. Clean restrooms? That mattered.

An effective mystery shopping service can evaluate all of these factors and provide ongoing feedback after training and coaching efforts have been put into place.