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Customer Perspectives™ has been providing mystery shopping services since 1983, making it one of the first and most reputable mystery shopping companies in North America. We focus on providing high-quality mystery shop reports and select mystery shoppers with excellent observation and reporting skills.

Required mystery shopping skills

We expect that mystery shoppers who perform mystery shops for Customer Perspectives will:

  • Have good writing skills and provide detailed descriptions of each mystery shop assignment
  • Have access to the Internet to receive mystery shopping assignments and submit completed reports
  • Be reliable and trustworthy
  • Be objective
  • Have strong observation skills
  • Follow our clients’ detailed specifications

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National shopping services

We provide mystery shopping services across the U.S. and into Canada, utilizing mystery shoppers who live close to our clients’ locations. Many of our mystery shoppers are certified by the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA). With each mystery shopping assignment, we strive to match the skills of our shoppers with the mystery shopping services needed. The number of assigned shops per month varies, according to our clients’ particular needs.

Mystery shoppers work independently

If you are selected for a Customer Perspectives mystery shopping assignment, you are an independent contractor and are responsible for declaring and paying your own taxes. We do not cover you for workers’ compensation or unemployment and do not pay any of your Social Security taxes. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for these items. And you can work for other mystery shopping companies at the same time you are doing shops for Customer Perspectives.

Beware of disreputable companies

Customer Perspectives is among the most respected and reputable mystery shopping companies. But there are unscrupulous imitators trying to defraud unsuspecting shoppers. Learn how to avoid mystery shopping job scams by reading the information in the sidebar of this page.

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What Some of Our Mystery Shoppers Say…

I do work for quite a few companies, a dozen or so, perhaps more. Yours is easily the best. Your website is easy to use, and it is a simple matter for me to schedule shops. Your forms ask for a reasonable amount of information, and you refrain from picayune nit-picking in your review and editing. I rather enjoy working for your company.”

“I work regularly for only a very small number of mystery shop companies and most often for Customer Perspectives, in part because I feel you all offer more personal contact with your independent contractors, so it’s doubly pleasing to be recognized by you.”

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