Mystery Shopping Services from One of the First in the U.S.

Improve Customer Service with Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery shopping services from Customer Perspectives give you the insight you need to effectively evaluate and improve customer service and customer experience. You don’t need to don a disguise to get an objective view of how your employees serve customers. Just contact Customer Perspectives.

See service from your Customers’ Perspective

If you’ve been looking to enhance your customer experience, viewing your company’s service through your customers’ eyes provides valuable, actionable feedback to improve customer satisfaction. Mystery shopping services are an effective way to gain a clear, unbiased view of your customers’ interaction with your employees. Secret shopping can:

  • Identify your specific customer service issues
  • Measure your training effectiveness and pinpoint training needs
  • Identify your exemplary employees
  • Target individual manager effectiveness

Experienced, trusted mystery shopping services

As a charter member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association of North America, Customer Perspectives™ is one of the first mystery shopping companies, serving a wide range of businesses across the U.S. for nearly three decades. We have extensive experience in the retail, healthcare, and banking / financial services industries. We tailor our secret shopper services to each client’s particular needs.

When you engage Customer Perspectives to give you a detailed customer view of your service levels, you receive the benefits of:

  • Responsive customer service
  • Customized shopping programs
  • Experienced, highly skilled mystery shoppers
  • Quality assurance reviews of all shops and reports
  • Fast, online access to detailed reports
  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

If you want insightful mystery shopping solutions that will help you improve customer service, contact Customer Perspectives.

What Some of Our Clients Say…

Logo of Bank of America, a Customer Perspectives Mystery Shopping Banking Client
“Customer Perspective’s ability to help us evaluate events at our clients is invaluable. Their ability to modify the evaluation form…and quickly get that into production, helps us better understand and make improvements to our sales process.”
Logo of Tommy Bahama, a Retail Mystery Shopping Client of Customer Perspectives
“We continue to receive excellent service from Customer Perspectives. The individual shop reports and custom summary reports enable us to monitor and act on sales and service performance trends at all levels ― individual, location, region, and company. Our secret shop program is (and has been) an extremely valuable tool in helping improve individual and business success.”

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