So, let’s say you’ve had a mystery shopper come to evaluate your business through an agency like Customer Perspectives. Then what? How do you best approach your employees about making improvements or to get their feedback on the types of things measured in the mystery shop?This article, Ten Ways to Discuss Mystery Shopping Reports with Employees, lists 10 different ways to approach the discussion!

1)      One-on-one meetings

2)      Email

3)      Staff meetings

4)      Internal campaign meetings

5)      Interviews

6)      New associate training

7)      New manager training

8)      Ongoing training sessions

9)      Training videos and web-based training

10)  Role play

Number 1, one-on-one, is considered one of the best ways to approach the results of a mystery shop with an employee.  Managers can provide coaching on the areas of deficiency and seek input on any mystery shopping expectations that are brought up.

Reports from a mystery shop can easily be emailed to all involved. You might turn the
results into a competition or “campaign”, as outlined in #4, where results can be shared across groups of employees and then offer reward or recognition when results improve.

Mystery shop evaluation results also make for good training materials for new hires or new managers and should be mentioned in interviews with job applicants.  Results may also be turned into an informal training involving role plays, where groups learn from watching others act out the various customer service evaluation areas.