In this article from, the author provides seven small gestures that can go a long way toward winning new customers.   His ideas can be broken down into just a few things to keep in mind if customer service and customer loyalty are important to your business.

1) Notice what’s important from the customer’s point of view at that very moment. (Does he/she have kids, look tired, need something specific).

2) Be a guide—help the customer find what he/she needs or get to where he/she needs to go. Don’t point. Show.

3) Start off right. In this example, it’s the morning coffee—but whatever you want to offer your customer first, do it right.

4) Empower employees to go beyond the norm. Offer something for free? Add a service of some kind?

5) Employees should interact with customers, not just serve.

6) Communicate your prices clearly.

7) Leave them with memories—do something out of the ordinary.

Being able to accomplish all this in your business may just be a matter of proper, thorough training of employees. And, you may be able to measure your current efforts well using a customer service evaluation tool such as mystery shopping, to see if past trainings have “stuck” and what types of future trainings you might need.