Mystery shopping reports can reveal how well your employees are interacting with customers and, therefore, the mystery shopping process is one that can be used in a multitude of types of businesses, according to this article

Some common questions that can be answered by a thorough mystery shopping service such as Customer Perspectives are

  1. Are employees giving full attention to customers?
  2. Are customers greeted appropriately?
  3. Are employees presenting promotions or making suggestions?
  4. How many employees are making additional offers clear to customers?
  5. Are employees using the phrases the company prefers when interacting with customers?
  6. How do employees respond when competitors are mentioned by the customer?
  7. Are prices displayed accurately and charged accurately?
  8. Do employees make eye contact and ask for the sale?
  9. What are the average wait times for customers?
  10. How well do employees understand the product(s)?