“Your thorough and professional shops are a great training and monitoring tool. We pride ourselves in our level of customer service and this analysis helps us monitor our progress consistently.”

“The Shoppers’ comments add an element of personalization that other mystery shoppers do not offer. We have referred Customer Perspectives to another vendor because of the quality of the information we receive, and because we always feel we are treated with respect and professionalism.”

“For many years we have utilized the Customer Perspectives mystery shops to provide objective feedback on our customer service. A mystery shop conducted in our branch office yesterday, can be reviewed by Customer Perspectives today, and on my computer screen tomorrow morning.”

“Our branch managers value the shop reports and use them to have meaningful conversations with staff. In fact, the shops are frequently referenced on an individual’s year-end performance appraisal.”

“Customer Perspectives works effectively with us to design and implement our mystery shopping program. This is not a static process, but one that has been customized and enhanced over the years. We have found that Customer Perspectives provides a valuable service; one that is a constructive component of our quality service standards.”

“I have seen a lot of value in getting such an independent evaluation and observation about what we think we know to be “how things work”. Thanks very much for making it so easy for me to set things up and for being so supportive. You and your team have been great to work with.”

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