If you’re in business, you’ve probably heard at least one of the myths on this list of 10 and have adopted it as your customer service practice.

Never put callers on hold? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s more important what happens on that call after someone picks up than the hold time, per se, according to this author.  People prefer humans to web automated systems? Not necessarily. Some things are easier done with technology.

If you’re getting fewer customer complaints, you must be improving, right? Wrong. It could mean that customers have given up.  You won’t know what’s true for your business and your customers unless you put processes in place to gauge customers’ experience and their sentiments about you. You can accomplish that with mystery shopping services, as we provide here at Customer Perspectives. The experts in this article suggest you devote at least one full-time analyst (if you have 50 employees) to determining where your customers’ “points of pain” are in your company.  Is it front-line personnel?  Is it the product? Is it your phone or web presence?  Customer service evaluations can help you identify and improve your problem areas.