The banner on the web site said “Free art setup.” But when the customer went to order a product with his business logo on it, a setup charge was added. He mentioned this to a customer service rep, who explained that the banner was referring to a different type of setup, though she agreed it was confusing and said they’d had other questions about it. She suggested the customer write directly to the company’s president to relay his concerns.
He did, and within a day the president responded. He agreed that the “Free art set-up” statement was confusing and said he would be having his marketing people fix it. Then he offered the customer free shipping or a discount on his next order. Needless to say, the customer went away happy and remains a loyal customer.
There are two lessons here: make sure your marketing and promotional materials make sense to customers, not just you and your staff. When someone points out a mistake, don’t get defensive. Thank them, fix it, and reward them.  Instead of losing a customer, you’ll reinforce their loyalty.