Phone calls to hotels are on the rise? This is probably because of the omnipresence of SmartPhones in which a person can simply choose “click to call” to make a booking.  Are your hotel’s call centers and staff prepared to handle this upswing? You may want to consider hiring a mystery shopping firm to do some spot checks.

If hiring a mystery shopping firm, give your staff some warning. This may tip your hand, but it also makes the staff more open to any resulting criticism you may have regarding their performance. People don’t like to be surprised.

Have the calls recorded. Make sure the firm you hire to do the mystery shopping is keenly aware of the various schedules in the call center, so that evaluators can target calls to the right staff and right times of day.

When you receive the results of the mystery shopped phone calls, use them as incentives with your staff, but also be sure to highlight any positive areas. Focus on what they might have done better, rather than what they failed to do at all.