Employees vary widely in appearance, personality, and ability, which creates an obvious problem with quality control.  Human variability does not lend itself to the standardization and control that machine-based industries enjoy.

Because machines can never replace your customer contact personnel, aggressive investment in employee quality and performance is vital to your success, especially since many employees come to you with no prior experience in servicing the public.  Everyone provides some training in one form or another, whether it’s on-the-job or a more formal approach.  But it’s not enough to merely teach the operating mechanics of filing out forms, tending the cash drawer or explaining a product.  It must place equal emphasis on human relations skills and good communication.  Your personnel must know that you care about your customers and have a commitment to them and that they are your means of demonstrating that caring and commitment.  In short, your training must stress the importance of good service and teach the components of good service delivery.