Image for Make the Customer Happy - Cut the Burrito PostStopping at a nationally known burrito chain with a friend recently, I ordered one of their loaded burritos and asked if they would cut it in half—neither my friend nor I need to eat a whole burrito, as much as we love sour cream and guacamole.

“I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to do that,” was the server’s response.

Seriously? My friend and I have dined at several other burrito establishments, none of which had a problem with slicing the burrito for us. The server did mention that they had plastic knives at the condiment stand and we could cut it ourselves. Which is fine, except that I walked away from the counter feeling just slightly annoyed.

Is that the kind of attitude you want your customers to have after an experience with your business? It’s worth examining your operating policies to see if anything you’re doing might lessen the customer experience. You could even ask your customers. They might alert you to something you can fix at little or no cost.

If it’s in your power to make your customers happier, why not do it? In the future, if I have a choice about where to buy my burrito, it will probably be one of the slice-friendly bistros. Want my business? Cut the burrito!