Recently I purchased two pair of prescription eyeglasses at a big box store that has an optical department.  The service there was speedy, comparatively inexpensive, and friendly.  Plus, my failing eyesight was going to be improved by some spiffy glasses. I was a happy camper.
Then, I went to use the store’s ladies room.  It was a mess, with tissues all over the floor and a broken towel dispenser.  I could deal with that—it’s not pleasant, but it’s not uncommon.  I picked out the least offensive stall.  Next, however, it was time to hang my purse on the little hook inside the stall door. There was NO little hook inside the stall door! Now, you men might not appreciate this, but a woman really never wants to set her purse on the floor of a restroom. Setting aside the possible germs and dirt you would then be carrying around with you, there are all these scary stories out there about people snatching purses from under bathroom stall doors.   There was no place to set my purse!
Suddenly, I was about as crabby as a person can get. I was vowing never to shop in that store again. I was kicking myself for doing so in the first place. All that good karma the store had earned with my eyeglasses was flushed away.
Okay. I probably will shop there again, but perhaps use the restroom elsewhere.