Providing excellent customer support leads to customer loyalty and higher profits. That means your company’s processes for customer support need to be continuously evaluated for effectiveness.  This article suggests three top reasons for improving everything you do in this area:

  1. Every customer is different.  You need to be able to customize each solution to ensure the customer is satisfied.  A customer’s needs this time around may be vastly different than the last time he/she had a problem.  Being prepared to answer each unique problem is key.
  2. Your customers will use whichever support channel works best for them, not for you. They might want to call, or email, or text, or find you on Twitter. Your team’s responses should be able to handle whichever way they’ve been contacted.
  3. Customers who get great experiences from your company will talk about that experience with others.

Developing a team of employees that can meet the unique needs of each customer takes time and training, perhaps in the form of coaching from supervisors and management.

One way to begin this process is to employ the services of a customer evaluation firm such as Customer Perspectives.   Its mystery shopping services can provide valuable feedback, from the customer’s view, on whether or not your attempts at continuous improvement have succeeded.