When a mystery shopper turns in his or her customer evaluation form as requested by a firm like Customer Perspectives, the editor of that form may come back and ask for more detail or simply more information than had been supplied. It can be frustrating, but the recipient of the report needs to have the proper content in the proper context according to this article.  Two ways to ensure a good reportis understanding what is being asked of you ahead of time and being sure to provide full explanations along with your shop’s questionnaire answers.

The editor will have to determine if there are any discrepancies in the report and whether or not it meets the needs of the client, as outlined in the original questionnaire. This can be tricky, but the shopper hired for the shop project would do well to provide a narrative of her experience, not just answers the questions. Tell a story. Describe what happened from beginning to end. The story you tell will provide clues as to why you answered the questionnaire the way you did.  Every question’s answer should somehow be explained. That’s just a good habit for a mystery shopper to adopt.

The other trick that will ensure that your reports don’t get returned with requests for more information is to clarify anything you don’t understand before the shop takes place and to be sure you fully understand the client’s requirements.